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The magnificence of art lies in the fact that we can all witness the same creation, yet our personal interpretations and perceptions of it are bound to differ form one another.

Sebastian Stutz

Sebastian 2.jpg

I grew up in East Germany, the communist part of divided Germany, when the country was still separated by the Iron Curtain. Living in a society where conformity was esteemed, I did not pursue my creative desires for a number of years.


Instead, I set them aside and focused my efforts on a career deemed acceptable by social norms.  I strove to be the organized, efficient, and process oriented individual that was considered a productive member of society.  But, lucky for me, I chose a career path that would broaden my horizons, expose me to new cultures, and nurture that artistic seed through different avenues.


In short, I went into the hotel business and what an amazing adventure it has been and continues to be. I have had the opportunity to live all over the world and most importantly, I found the city that I would call home.  


It was here in this very unique city where being different is the norm, that my desire to break out of the mold I had forced myself to occupy for so very long surfaced.  How could it not when so much beauty from the architecture, music, and colorful celebrations that dominated daily life surrounded me?  I hope you will join me on this journey to rediscover something lost for a time but only waiting to be discovered again through brush and color.

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